From July 25th to 27th, 2019, under the guidance of China Health Information Association and Health Medical Data Association,and the strategic backup of Huairou Economic and Information Bureau, Huairou Business Bureau and Huairou Health Construction Committee, The 4th China Health Industry Upgrade Summit named“Yanqi Jian Tan” GIIS 2019 that jointly organized by Yiou Company and  Yiou Health platform was officially host on July 25, 2019.

The Greenbon was invited to gather with thousands of people from all over the country in the Yanqi Lake International Convention and Exhibition Center to discuss the “next decade” of China’s health industry.

The theme of summit is “the medical reformation from the scale to the value ” in the form of leader summit + 4 industry forums  + the project roadshow, focusing on four themes of pharmaceutical innovation, medical data, non-public medical treatment, medical of science and technology.

It gathered more than 50 honored guests and thousands of spectators to talk about the change opportunity, and witness the new era of medical industry development  from the “scale” to the “value” .

In the new era, the medical and health industry is surging, and the new forms of medical services are emerging, and new business models and enterprises are establishing. These have all pointed out that from “value” to “scale” has become a new proposition of the current medical health industry transformation.

The policy provided the original“fuel”for this great change, and the development of new technology represented by the Internet and AI provided a “new engine” for this great change.

In this sitation, Yiou Health officially launched a large-scale searching for health enterprise and investment institution that has the most innovative genes and vitality in China in March 2019. Among them, Greenbon was selected by virtue of its good service and the technology skill of its innovative eco-friendly new materials.

After the public voting and expert re-election, it was finally awarded the “2019 China the Best Enterprise Service Platform. The award ceremony was held in  International Convention and Exhibition Center during the dinner on July 25th.

This award gets together a number of companies with the potential innovation and development in the great health industry, including medical innovation, non-public medical, scientific and medical care, medical data, medical industry investment and other major areas.

As a group of composite eco-friendly medical industry that assemble the technology customized services, traditional industry services, multi-dimensional brand promotion services, and  omni-dimentional health management services. Greenbon is focused on environmental protection and health industry.

To meet the need of improving the quality of human healthy life, it creates solutions for new Internet busniess market. Moreover, it regard the construction of “beautiful China” and “healthy China” as their own mission.

As a platform for technology and industrial innovative services, Yiou Great Health is diligently exploring the most representative innovative enterprises.

It recognize the contribution of enterprises to the industry. In the future, Yiou Great Health will continue to work on integrate the new technologies,the policies and the New ideas into traditional industries to help startups achieve upgrading.

Greenbon are able to lead the new direction of the health industry with new policies, to enact new energy to the new technology, and to promote the development of the industry with new ideas.

In the future, the Greenbon will distribute the water-soluble eco-friendly bags through the Internet of Things terminals and popularize the use of water-soluble eco- friendly materials. We will work together with all the great health companies to create opportunities together.

We will not forget our initial intentions and together with all entrepreneurs to promote the development of great health industry .

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