Laundry beads

The high-concentration and quantitative design of the detergent enables the cleaning materials with different functions to work at different times and different cleaning stages, which bringing consumers a convenience experience and a low-carbon and eco-friendly life. Laundry beads Specifications Samples 10g Formals 15g

Clothes bacteriostasis washing bag

During business trips or travel, it is easy to produce bacteria and peculiar smell, when clothes can not be washed timely. The antibacterial washing bags can effectively inhibit bacterial spread, deodorant and mildew. Bacteriostatic bag Specifications S 0.03*250*350mm M 0.03*300*400mm Color customization

Medical fabric anti-infection disposal bag

It can be used for reusable fabrics that with potential bio- or chemical contamination risks during the daily work of packaging, disinfection, and washing in hospitals (or workplaces for occupational hazards).It declines the spread and contamination of viruses, bacteria and chemicals and reduces the risk of cross-contamination between operators, patients and contaminants so as to


Water-soluble golf ball can be used in golf course with waterscape such as lakeside or sea. When the golf ball falls into the water, it can be directly dissolved in water and can not cause any pollution or bad effect on the environment. Golf ball Specifications Diameter 44mm Weight 51g Printing customization Color customization

Pet feces bag

The water-soluble pet refuse bag is used to collect and package the pet’s feces, which can be discarded into the flush toilet to effectively inhibit bacteria and reduce environmental pollution. Dog feces bag Specifications Size 0.0275*200*260mm Printing less than 3 colors Color customization

Water soluble environment-friendly bag

The substitutes of plastic bag that can be used in daily life to bagging items or garbage. It can be directly dissolved in water ,which is non-toxic and harmless to the environment. Vest shape bag Specifications Standard 0.03*(290+80*2)*400mm S 0.03*(280+70*2)*500mm M 0.03*(420+110*2)*570mm L 0.04*(600+130*2)*600mm Printing Less than 3 colors Color Customization