About Greenbon

Greenbon is an integrated high-tech enterprise which includes the research and development, production and sales of water-soluble materials and functional packaging bag. It located in Guangzhou pearl river new town, and it’s manufacturing company is located in the industrial zone of Songyuan village, Jiangmen Pengjiang district, Guangdong province .

Greenbon is specialized in eco-friendly plastic substitutes. In 2008, chinese government is forbids citizens using less than 25 microns thickness of plastic bags. And with the deterioration of environmental problems, more and more countries are to ban the use of disposable plastic bags .

In 2005, Greenmat and Greenbag were introduced into the market in the form of eco-friendly water-soluble particles, films and bags. The water-soluble material produced by greenbon is a mixture of natural starch and polyvinyl alcohol (a biodegradable material that is also water-soluble). These materials are non-toxic to the environment, animals and plants.

In 2018, greenbon’s production can effectively block bacteria, such as bacteria from clothes or medical supplies .

The prospect of greenbon is to save more green for the world. The series of water-soluble products have been exported to more than 50 countries around the world, which are widely approved by the United States and European countries. We are warmly welcome you to join us as a distributor and get together to achieve our goals. Waiting for you!


Plastic, a lethal substance, poses a great threat to our daily lives and the environment . Many countries point out that “plastic waste is a ticking bomb.”

The water-soluble material produced by greenbon is a mixture of natural starch and other water-soluble materials. These products are non-toxic to the environment, animals and plants. The Greenbon bag is not contain any plastic. These products can eventually break down into carbon dioxide and water in the nature, and then entering the nature circulation. It does not pollute the water resources, and moreover ,it has the effect of soil improvement.

Suitable for water-soluble shopping bag , water-soluble garbage bag , electronic chemical packaging bag, water-soluble laundry bag, medical and anti-infection bag, etc.

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International certification

US ASTMD6400 biodegradation certificate

China biodegradation test report

Japanese GREENPLA eco-friendly certificate

European EN13432 biodegradation certificate

EU REACH material safety registration certificate

Kosher certificate

Passed the fish toxicity test

Pass the skin allergy test

Obtained a number of water soluble material patents


A waste disposal bag

A textile washing disposal bag with binding

A textile washing disposal bag

An anti-infection medical fabric collection cart

A contaminated fabric treatment bag

A water-soluble biodegradable craft gift

A creative gift wrapping case

A medical fabric collection cart

A multifunctional cigarette box

A twin-screw extruder for making pva raw material